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Globalsites Web Design Team

Brandy Wallace Eckman

President & CEO

Brandy Eckman


As the President of our company, Brandy does a lot of behind the scenes work but also enjoys speaking to clients.

She believes that all projects are important and that our customer service sets us apart from the competition. She pushes us all to exceed our clients’ expectations and we trust her when she says that life happens outside of our comfort zones.

Brandy started in Medical Billing and worked her way up from receptionist to Billing Office Manager in 6 short years. Because she does not believe in mediocrity, she worked hard at each position she had there and was rewarded with multiple pay increases and promotions.

When her first child was born with special needs, she decided to stay at home with him and manage her household. She spent 12 years as a stay at home mom to two beautiful kids and the only thing that could entice her to enter the workforce again was building a company with her husband, Joel.

In her spare time, Brandy runs the Miracle League of Blaine, a nonprofit adapted baseball program for kids with special needs. She has taken that league from under 40 players and no sponsors and grown it to over 125 players and multiple sponsors in just under 2 years. She also enjoys Instagram and has a wicked sense of humor.

Born and raised in the south, she returns to beautiful Ocala, Florida at least once a year to soak up the sunshine, visit her family, and drink enough sweet tea to drown a horsefly.

Chad Reinagel

Technical Director

Chad Reinagel

Owner | Technical Manager

Chad is a Florida native and comes from a background in the livestock and equine industries. He started as an intern for Joel his senior year in high school, where he quickly transitioned into being a website developer. After helping develop hundreds of sites, no task is unattainable. Chad believes almost every technical challenge can be solved with a pair of headphones and good music.

Chad's Specialties by day: Building websites, complex data processing, programming, server administration, and solving virtually any technical challenge

Chad's Specialties by night: Automotive tuning and engine building

Education: Computer Science at Central Florida Community College Computer Science at Florida State University

Joel Eckman

Sales & Project Management

Joel Eckman

Owner / Web Guru

Joel is a website designer and digital marketer with over 20 years of intense, professional experience. His clients trust him to handle just about everything regarding their online presence and often refer to him as "Web Guru" in their email contacts.

Joel is a problem solver. Always seeking out and diving in where the stakes are high, his level of website development experience and creativity are invaluable to his clients who often measure the results he generates in the millions. Many of Joel's clients have trusted him with their businesses for over 10 years and he, along with his talented team, are responsible for over $40,000 monthly in AdWords, Facebook, and other online placements.

Joel invented, grew, and sold Horse Hosting, the industry-standard content management system for the Thoroughbred Racing industry.

Joel's mentors include Perry Marshall, Jason Swenk, and Russell Brunson.

Find Joel on Linked-In and Facebook. Cell: 352-875-9041

Ian Pirner

Media Specialist | Web Developer

Ian Pirner

Media Specialist | Web developer

Social but introverted, Ian can be found around the office listening to film scores while performing jobs varying from video production to website development.

Ian's specialties lie in the world of media production and utilizing new technologies to help companies grow.

Ian can be found outside of work doing photography, videography, music production, podcasting, or anything else where he can work with creative people. Otherwise you can find him discussing obscure pop culture references with his equally geeky friends. (He highly suggests researching the "Konami Code")

Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Arts & Science Columbia College Chicago

Robyn O'Gorman

Graphic Designer | Art Director

Robyn O'Gorman

Graphic Designer

Hungry to create and try new things, Robyn pushed outside her comfort zone to study abroad and intern in the Netherlands for 5 months to complete her BFA in graphic design from Minnesota State University - Mankato.

Robyn’s favorite thing about being a graphic designer is being able to help people get their ideas out into the world in a beautiful, successful way.

She is frequently focused on her computer working on a long web design project or a digital marketing campaign. With skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects, she is able to do almost any project a client can dream up.

Outside work hours, Robyn can be found behind her Nikon camera, playing video games, or training (and sometimes competing) with her dogs in dog agility.

Maggie Rippe

Social Media & Content Strategist

Maggie Rippe

Web Production Copywriter

Maggie describes herself as awkward and lanky, like giraffes, her favorite animal. She's a Minnesota native who loves hot dishes as much as she loves the written word (and that's a lot coming from someone who went to college for English).

She can be found in the office sipping on hot coffee with her notepad of a thousand doodles and thoughts in front of her. She also loves using website interfaces to bring out companies' personalities and ideas and to be able to translate their passion into writing.

Maggie spends her free time writing blogs, poetry, or saving the world by refusing one plastic straw at a time. She loves hammocking outdoors, going on hikes through the bluffs (It's a Wisco thing) and pretending that she is the modern day Wonder Woman.

Bachelor of Arts in English Rhetoric & Writing, Spanish Language University of Wisconsin - La Crosse


Greeter | Customer Relations


Greeter | Customer Relations

Who doesn't love an office dog? Abby is generally quiet with random bursts of excitement which makes her an easy choice for the role of office greeter. Her awkward height to body-length ratio is a bonus that always produces smiles from the greeted.

Being a calm, little dog, Abby doesn't need much space in the office; she is almost always found curled up in her small bed, snuggling with toys, and listening for the crunching of carrots or the peeling of bananas.

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