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Globalsites’ Newest Team Member!

As a Minnesota native, I just got back from exploring the deep, dark woods of Wisconsin for the past four years at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse studying English rhetoric and Spanish. Okay, I wasn’t *exactly* in the middle of the woods, but, Wisconsin can feel like a different world. Needless to say, I am…

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Save Thousands on IT and Servers With Google Drive File Stream

Remember carrying around that old Outlook .PST file around for years like some sort of high school “egg baby” parenting lesson? Are you using Dropbox for important docs and have no idea who has access to what and struggle to keep track of which files are where? Those days are gone.

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Find Major SEO Issues Like a Pro

There is no faster way to expose obvious search engine optimization issues than performing a Site Search in Google. Doing a test search on your own website is a very important step for anyone concerned about how their website appears in search results.

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AdWords: Where’s My Money?

How would you like to be able to quickly see where exactly your money has gone in AdWords without having to login to the complicated AdWords interface?  Well, assuming your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts are properly configured, you can! This 4 minute video could save you thousands! My name is Joel Eckman and…

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The Most Important FREE SEO Tool You Aren’t Using

SEO Tool - Search Console

Ever wonder what your website looks like to Google? Want to be notified if your website has a virus or if Google suddenly can’t see your site anymore? How about being able to see exactly where you rank for a specific term in Google and if you are improving or slipping? Search Console, formerly Google Webmaster…

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