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 Globalsites' Newest Team Member!

Maggie Rippe: Web Production Intern & Copywriter


As a Minnesota native, I just got back from exploring the deep, dark woods of Wisconsin for the past four years at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse studying English rhetoric and Spanish. Okay, I wasn’t *exactly* in the middle of the woods, but, Wisconsin can feel like a different world. Needless to say, I am happy to be back home, where drinking fountains are just that: drinking fountains, not bubblers and soda is called pop.

I am a writer at heart with a restless imagination, always trying to create or arrange ideas in a new way. I think my greatest strength to add to the team is that I am a content creator with high energy, always developing new perspectives on how to foster or change ideas to create the best possible product. In contrast, I would say my greatest weakness would probably be baby giraffes...okay, in all seriousness, any giraffe would probably bring me to my knees. Giraffes aside, I am excited to be able to bring a new and refreshing perspective to conversations and to be a part of Globalsites’ exciting and innovative team!