An Alternative to the Traditional Retainer Model

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It's time to start paying for results, not excuses.

Discover how we are able to completely turn your digital marketing around for 1 monthly budget.


Are You Paying a Retainer For Marketing Services?

Maybe you shouldn't be. If your business depends on the web for digital leads, you are likely paying a flat rate to a digital marketing professional to "do the SEO"​ and manage your Google Ads and Facebook campaigns with your money.

You could be burning cash doing this. This old, traditional digital marketing & SEO retainer model is about to go super nova.

On-Demand Digital Leads

Our team has implemented lead-generating digital solutions that have created over two hundred million dollars in sales for our clients and there is one thing our 20+ years of experience have taught us::

Traditional Retainers Are Dying

Think about this for a moment:

What benefit is there for a digital marketing/SEO professional to work harder for you? What's in it for them to continually reduce your cost per lead, increase your conversion rates, or even find you new opportunities?

None. Nada. Zip. In fact, the opposite is true.



The Harder They Work, The Less They Make

When a digital marketing or web professional is working on a retainer, they literally can't afford to "go the extra mile" for you month after month or they will go broke.

Traditional Retainers Are Dying. You Should Only Pay for RESULTS.

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