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Website Design

Globalsites boldly goes where no other web design firm… goes.  Our number one goal when we meet a new client is simply to learn everything we can about their business, their team, their goals and what sets them apart from their competition. Our ideal customer has more than 5 employees and has the capacity to grow by more than 20% within their existing infrastructure.

With over 20 years of web design experience, we understand the challenges you are facing when creating a web presence for your business.

Ready to take a fresh look at your website design project? Read more about why custom website design is a good fit for your business. And pizza in space.

Website Hosting

The speed, safety, and dependability of your website is critical to the success of your business online. The web’s most commonly used content management system, WordPress, is vulnerable to hacking and comes standard with security flaws and performance issues.

After 15+ years of continually providing a wide variety of hosting services, along with our own dedicated servers we have opted to partner with the premier WordPress hosting solution, WPEngine, to ensure our client’s websites are fast, safe, and up to date.

Website migration and safety is one of our top specialties. Let us migrate that slow, vulnerable website to a safe, dependable environment that YOU control.

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Search Engine Optimization

We have seen the SEO landscape change dramatically over the years. We’ve seen trends and algorithm changes come and go. Many of our clients have been with us through it all. Some are on their fourth and fifth website version with us and they are still number one for their competitive terms. We are constantly evolving our approach and strategy.

Globalsites utilizes important tools such as Moz, SEM Rush, and several others to help keep our clients ahead of their competitors. We follow some of the industries most respected experts and stay current on the latest techniques and best practices so you don’t have to!

Would you like to see how you rank against your top competitors and what you can do to improve in search?

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Google AdWords & Remarketing

Many large pay-per-click marketing firms create campaigns for your business under their own Google AdWords account. This drives up your costs, and at the end of your agreement you lose all the analytic data and rank your keywords may have achieved. This might suit the needs of a small campaign, but is absolutely disastrous for a company looking to establish a profitable, long-term SEM strategy.

Globalsites takes a unique approach to pay-per-click marketing. The efforts we put forth to;

  • properly configure your Google AdWords & Analytics accounts,
  • build your remarketing lists,
  • improve keyword and ad rank,
  • measure results, and
  • lower your cost per click all remain the property of your business.

We are passionate about keeping your costs in check and achieving the results you need.

Whether you have an existing campaign or are considering getting started with AdWords and remarketing, schedule a consultation with us! It will save you a ton of time and money!

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Social Media Marketing

Like keyword marketing, many large social media marketing firms forego the complicated setup process necessary to put a business in firm control of their social media assets. Taking the time to ensure that your business is in control of all local listings and social media accounts is a crucial first step for us. Globalsites specializes in claiming and organizing pages for businesses with multiple locations and content administrators. We bring your team together by provided training, content authoring, content promotion, audience building, and goal tracking services.

There are so many experts in the universe of social media marketing it’s like navigating through an asteroid belt! Contact us today to see why we are different.

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